Adeyemi Ayooluwa is the fourth child of five children of his parents, from Western Nigeria. A Minstrel blessed with special musical abilities and creativity earning him a voice in every musical group he finds himself. He started his musical career from a very tender age as an instrumentalist, tracing his inspiration from his parents especially his father who has been a choirmaster all his life and till date.

Having released his debut single tilled MY HEART SONG, he is back with another one which was inspired from his encounter with death and how God came through for him.

He sang this song with an anointed Minstrel; Efiokpene Emuejevoke Precious, popularly known as Voke (Winner of Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt Season 3 and also The Voice Nigeria Quarter finalist 2017).

This song is produced by Oba.

Be blessed as you listen, download and share this link.

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This song to count the wonderful blessings of God. An affirmation of the GRACE of God, through which without it, we would have all been victims of death. A strong approach into the presence of God bought by the precious blood of Christ. It is a song packed with potent melody.

Lets join God’s Minstrels as we lift our voices appreciating the precious and endless GRACE of God to humanity.

Nothing else would have prevailed for you in that awful situation you found yourself if not for the GRACE of Jehovah.

You are sure to begin to count the many things God’s Grace has taken you through over the years, especially as the year wraps up, sing of His grace(ORE-OFE).

ORE-OFE was birthed from the exceptional GRACE of God Ayooluwa has enjoyed over the years, especially how he was delivered from death after being knocked down by a truck. Amazingly, none of his bone was broken.(GRACE at work)

Having scheduled him for a brain surgery to clean up blood spill in the brain, which could have led to death or a diminished state of health,

God’s GRACE did not just choose to preserve him from the prone of death at the point of accident, but it also cancelled the surgery appointment before the proposed date by restoring a perfect state of health which the doctors couldn’t explain. Oh! what a Great God we serve.

Join Ayooluwa as he lifts his voice to the heavens singing about the GRACE of God that is strong enough to preserve not just him but everyone whose trust rests on HIM.


  1. Rebecca Bamisile

    The song Ore Ofe, it reminds me of amazing grace upon my life. It is indeed inspiration song which reveals the heart of gratitude of God’s grace upon the life of AyoOluwa.
    More grace upon your life #*###OreOfe##grace##

  2. michael owolawi

    Very good sound, captivating, inspirational we all need the un-merited grace. Prqise be to His holy name . Grace is what we all need.
    Thanks bro keep up the good work.

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