This is a song ministration by the Ilesa Metropolitan Areas Youth Choir led by Elder Niyi Fadipe at the maiden edition of THE APOSTOLIC CHURCH NIGERIA, LAWNA WITNESSES/YOUTHS’ CONVENTION tagged “THE ANCIENT PATH” (Jeremiah 6:16).

This song talks about the joy we have as believers as we journey through the path that leads to the kingdom of God, affirming that Jesus is the ONLY way to life and that anyone who chooses to walk in the way of Christ has overcome fear, sin and the devil. Our joy knows no bound when we examine ourselves and find out that we are still walking on that ancient, narrow and glorious path.

The prelude featured a special rendition of Dunsin Oyekan’s ‘I PROCLAIM.’

SO SWEET was written, composed by ELDER NIYI FADIPE.

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Prelude: I proclaim, You are the one backing me up
I proclaim, You are the one making things happen
Showing me mercy, You are the one 4x
We proclaim, You are the one backing us up
We proclaim, You are the one making things happen
Showing us mercy, You are the one (4x)
Chrs: Lead: So sweet All: O dun mo mi o (2x)
Ona iye yi ti mo fi ese mi le
(So sweet) O dun mo mi o.
1. Lead: Thorns and thistles on the way
All: Tears on my face
Lead: Trials and temptations all around
All: sometimes I want to faint
Lead: But I keep on moving as He leads me
All: Ona naa nye mi si lojojumo (chrs)

Bridge:Ona miran kotun si mo, Jesu nikan lona iye
A rin loju ona tooro, a soriire (2x)

2. Lead: Alaimo ki yo koja nibe
All: A nrin lopopo ona
Lead: Ona na fun awon mimo ni
Lead: Ko si eru fun wa lona na
Lead: Ko seru fawon ta rapada
All: Opopo ona (3x) si orun, bi ti banuje nfo lo,
Imole nla si ntan nibe, A nrin lopopo ona
(Repeat Bridge, then chrs 2x.)


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