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S'emi Naa Re?

About the Song

S’emi Naa Re? is a single, released to appreciate the goodness and kindness of the Almighty God from the cradle. Through dark and terrifying days, ups and downs, thick and thin, the Lord has been there for me as a Mighty Terrible One. Psalm 121:3-4 says “He will not suffer thy foot to be moved. He that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep”. This is my story.

It’s a song released from the heart of deep appreciation to God and melodiously arranged. The song cut across religion and it’s suitable for everyone that appreciate the wonderful doings of God in their lives.

As you download and share this wonderful piece, may the joy and goodness of the Lord continually be your portion. Amen.


Mo dupe, mo dupe, mo dupe, aaaaaaaa mo dupe...
(I give thanks, I give thanks, I give thanks, aaaaaa I give thanks.)

S’emi naa re o, t’O se l’ogo o S’emi naa re o, t’O se l’enia
(Is this me, that You glorified, Is this me, that you make somebody)
Mo wa dupe ore ana Baba, Mo dupe ore oni Baba
(I give thanks for yesterday’s goodness, I give thanks for today’s goodness father)
Mo tun dupe ore ola Baba, S’emi naa re Oluwa
(I give thanks for tomorrow’s goodness Father, Is this me o! Lord)

Verse 1
Ogo ye O Baba, iyin ye O o Jesu Oba,
(You are worthy to be praised Father, You are worthy to be praised Jesus my King)
Emi eni ana o, t’araye ro po ti tan fun o,
(I am a nobody that people thought it’s finished for)
Won ni ko s’ona abayo, won n’ireti ko si f’okan mi mo o,
(They said there is no way out, and there is no hope for my soul)
Oba to wa s’anu mi, to so mi d’enia laye o,
(The King that show me mercy, and make me someone in life)
Laika t’ese mi si Baba, O se mi logo o mo wari fun O…
(Without counting my sin, you glorify, I adore you)
Verse 2
Bi ere, bi ere o, oro mi d’ariyanjiyan o,
(Inconspicuously, my case became an argument)
Awon kan so pe oun ni, awon kan so pe oun ko o,
(Some presumed it’s him, some assumed it’s not him)
Awon t’o mo mi tele o, won ni dajudaju o, Omotara ni,
(Those who knew me before, said surely this is Omotara)
Oba Adanimagbagbe o, ore ti o n’igbimo lo se fun mi,
(The King that do not forget anyone, this goodness is without counsel)
Ibi o ba mi de ree Baba, mo gbe O ga o, mo se O l’oba.
(Hitherto you have helped me, I lift you up and adore your Majesty)

Verse 3
Mo dupe lori aya, mo dupe lori awon omo,
(I give thanks over my wife, I give thanks over my children)
Ijade at’iwole e wa, Baba, Iwo lo npa wa mo O,
(Our going out and coming in, Father, you are our keeper)
Buburu kan o subu lu wa o, arunkarun kan o sunmo ‘le e wa,
(No evil befalls us, no epidemic near our home)
Baba Alaanu wa, Ore e ma po lori i wa,
(The merciful God, your goodness is massive over us)
Gbogbo ojo aye e wa, Iwo la o ma yin la o ma gbe ga.
(All the days of our lives, we shall continually praise and exalt You)

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